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This is what Ethan has to say about this model..."at slightly less than 19oz. UK p&p This knife has now, I feel, become a Classic.

the Machete serves well as a drawknife, a froe and - in a emergency - is balanced enough to whittle. Designed after extensive research as a Survival knife for the Swedish Air Force, the knife design offers everything some people need from a knife.

In the latter part of the 17th century, a group of swordsmiths from Solingen broke their guild oaths by taking their sword-making secrets with them to Shotley Bridge, County Durham in England.

Solingen lies southwest of Wuppertal in the Bergisches Land.

Of all the tools I have designed this is the one I want if I gotta start civilisation from scratch...." He goes on but I think you get the drift. I bought it in preparation for the "Zombie Apocolyst" but I'm no longer certain that is actually going to happen ? :-) A stunning vintage knife made by Blackjack when Mike Stewart was running the operation and before he moved onto Marbles, who in turn made great knives under Mike. This particular version, with guard and black micarta handle, has now been discontinued sadly. As with everything Fallkniven does, this is quality through and through.