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Living West River I have access to so many great places to do things outdoors which is great. I always list it first in my interests/hobbies, because I love going on trips of all kinds.

My favorites are Kevin Gates, Chance the Rapper, & more! I'm looking to get to know other like-minded girls for friendship and then go from there. I love to travel, listening to music, watching movies (comedies and sci fi / fantasy are my favorites), hiking, good food (love exotic cuisine), reading a good book, computers / technology, going to musical concerts, hanging out with friends, and being outdoors in the warm sunshine. I like going for walks and generally just being outside.

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The next stop was the actual schoolhouse where Laura and her sisters attended in De Smet.

As part of the restoration, they discovered areas of original blackboard and wainscoting dating back to Laura’s day.

The guided tour began right outside the gift shop, with historical buildings that have been moved from their original locations to the Memorial Society’s lot near the edge of town.

The first stop on the tour was the Surveyor’s House, the Ingalls family’s home in .

They had two horses, some furniture, a stray dog named Fido Laura had adopted somewhere in Kansas and their life savings in the form of a $100 bill hidden in Laura's lap desk. Laura and Almanzo both contracted diphtheria; the infection left Almanzo with a permanent limp.