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Quit trying to copy walmart with their "we've rolled back the price on 1000s of items".

That was of course, after their prices went up for two weeks prior.

Man the paladins community is crap and its not the creators its all of you greedy ungrateful players of this game is why the community is bad go here is a link to why this update is better than what you guys/gals give it credit for. At level 4, it could increase your flight speed by 48%.

I don't know what lvl you are, that might be true at low lvl, but atm I have 360k free essence, after unlocking all cards, so you see this will be useless very soon for you too.

meaning those changes only "benefit" new players and smurf accounts, and the more you play the game the less they value you. Came from a fun game to now a game where your going to need to spend hours upon hours just to get 1 item.

This is the dumbest looking patch ive seen for this game and this is going to be the patch that puts this game in its grave.

I have recently installed a couple addons from CB and Gigi and im getting namespace exceptions and i was wondering if there was a way to fix this. Open the file and compare the namespace in code with your folders.

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