Michael cera dating ellen page

Looking like the Saint Laurent dream in her edgy boy-meets-girl attire in a monochrome colour way, Ellen Page didn't fail to turn heads with this red carpet look.

Working a tux satin trim blazer, leather trousers and a shirt and tie, Ellen showed us how to do high fashion without the ball gowns and tumbling curls.

Ellen, I am so proud of you and will always be grateful for everything you are and will always be to me.

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If you’re going to trade off your public fame for profit and adulation, maybe people deserve to know every detail of your private life, including your sexuality? I mean, as much as I like – okay, LOVE – the titillation factor of knowing Ellen Page has slept with a Charlie’s Angel, I didn’t to know it. (Except maybe the documentary she narrated about how all the bees were dying.

That one was freaky.) I don’t have to know about her personal life to appreciate her work, and neither does anyone else.

will be availble on Netflix this Sunday, May 26, and everyone is so excited that they've all blue themselves.

What will be better than spending all day Sunday watching this dysfunctional family get themselves into even stranger situations?

And since this expansion was pre-planned, I decided to wait to post the interviews till more of you could see the film. Anyway, if you haven’t yet heard the deafening buzz about this movie, let me add some fuel to the fire.