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It took three minutes for one of this year’s Loebner Prize judges, BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones, to figure out that Rose was the chatbot and not a real person.

There are a few universal truths in online dating: most photos are carefully staged, most profiles are slightly puffed-up, and most people on them (and this is clearly fast-changing) are actually human. A company promoting the movie Ex Machina created a fake account, Ava, with a photo of the star of the movie.

It’s an entirely bizarre creation, but we felt sufficiently intrigued to give it a go ourselves.

I got inspired by David Pichsenmeister’s review (sorry for stealing part of your title but it was just perfect!

Rose won only a bronze medal in the competition rather than gold, because – although she was more human-like than the other bots in the competition – she didn’t fool any of the judges into thinking she was a real person.