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This article began as idle chatter at a CABA Newsletter Committee meeting, where I expressed my horror at discovering that there were lawyer dating sites. But to my greater horror, most everyone else on the Committee thought those sites were a great idea — of course, most of them are married and out of harm's way.I couldn't imagine that lawyers would set out to exclusively date other lawyers — kind of like Dr. The discussion turned, as most of those discussions do, to whether a Newsletter article could be squeezed out of that subject.

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The idea of one seems, I don't know, vaguely incestuous.

Census data suggests that most other female lawyers think otherwise, as they tend to marry other lawyers. (I my twelve-year-old imagination was on the right track!

It had been over a decade since Marcos had been “out there,” so curious about the competition, he began clicking through different profiles…and immediately felt intimidated.

How did all these 40something guys have so much hair?

Others start dating right away, as a distraction or to combat feelings of loneliness.