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The former model—who posed on the cover of magazine in 2006 wearing green briefs and a necklace—argued he didn’t violate the restraining order because his follow request merely “triggered a notification by Instagram” and there was no direct contact.

But Manhattan criminal court judge Steven Statsinger shot down that argument, ruling against Lemons and marking a new wrinkle in the intersection of the internet and the law.“The situation described here is exactly the same as if the defendant, using his i Phone, had asked Siri to place a call to the complainant, instead of dialing her number himself,” Statsinger wrote in his May 2 decision.

"Bleeding Love" is a pop song with R&B undertones set in the key of F major. The album version runs for four minutes and twenty-two seconds and the radio edit runs for four minutes and one second. "Bleeding Love" is constructed in the common verse-chorus-bridge song pattern.

It employs a church organ which is audible throughout the song until the bridge.

including Japan, Germany and the United States, making it only the second song in history to achieve this feat, Elton John's "Candle in the Wind 1997" being the first.

The video first aired on 17 October 2007, and was uploaded to You Tube on the same day, on which it now has over 154 million views.

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