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Growing up queer in my household was traumatic and silencing; verbalising – when you did, there were consequences.

Being a typical girl, I will openly admit that I have had a shameless scroll on Facebook; whether it’s looking at a prospective date, searching for that old school crush or (perhaps the worst of them all) looking at the profile of someone I used to date.

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There are many dialects of spoken Arabic in use around the world but there are only two forms of written Arabic, Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

The language of business is MSA, Classical Arabic is mainly used by scholars.

And with up to a third of LGBTQI venues thought to have closed since the recession, there are fewer spaces that provide safety and queer collectivity.

So in search of intimacy last Saturday night in London, I decided to visit a gay sauna.

On last weekend’s foray, I heard a group of men speaking my mother tongue of Iraqi Arabic.

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